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Managing cashflow

Managing cashflow
Wednesday, November 01, 2017

People who don’t run their own business think it’s simple. You sell your service or product, make money, then pay all your suppliers, employees and bills. But what happens if things don’t happen in that order?


The truth is that they rarely do. Even the very best businesses, with brilliant sales numbers, the most talented staff, the best products and services, and the happiest of customers, can be brought crashing down by cash flow problems. Failing to get an invoice out on time might mean your company income is below forecasted and a late payment from a customer could mean you struggle to pay your workers’ wages.


As business owners, we must take responsibility and take action. By keeping your invoices and payments organised, you keep your company running smoothly. Here are our crucial tips for making sure your business doesn’t run out of cash.


Managing cashflow - check the forecast


Knowing the type of incoming cash flow you’re going to have in advance means you can plan your outgoings around it. There are generally two types – smooth and lumpy.


Smooth Cashflow – This is when payments come into your account every day or every other day. This is usually the case for more simple services and products with low order value.


If your business has smooth incoming cashflow, you can take all the cash you’ve earned in the last two months and divide it by sixty. You can then use this figure to estimate how much cash you’ll bring in next month. You can then work out if you will be bringing in enough money for all your bills and expenses in the near future.


Lumpy Cashflow This is when your business can go days, weeks or months without any cash coming in. If you work on large-scale and complex products and services with very high order values, it’s likely this is the kind of payments you will receive.


We would all love to see a large lump sum of money suddenly in our bank account, but it can be easy to get a little ahead of yourself.


Facilities may need renovating or new equipment need purchasing but cash flow forecasting could suggest that company money may need to be rationed out to make it through the next month of trading.


When is your next project? How much will it pay? When? Will it be enough to cover all of your expenses or will you have to find another source of income?


When you receive large payments at different intervals it is extremely important to be organised. Make a note of all your projects for the next few months, when you’ll receive payments and the amount you’ll be paid for each.


Remember to take into account the individual customer and their history on late payments to make sure you cover yourself in advance. Then you can put aside money for each of your expenses.


Some bills are paid at the same intervals for everyone. When you know how much money you will have coming in, you can confirm the bills you will be able to meet and those you will have to make alternative arrangements for if you can’t.


Make sure you are prepared for the key dates in any business owner’s diary:


  • 1st day of the month – business rates and commercial mortgage (if you own your premises)
  • 7th of the month once a quarter – VAT day
  • 22nd of the month – PAYE reconciliation
  • 25th of the month once a quarter – rent day (if you’re in leasehold premises)
  • Last Friday of the month – staff and director pay (minus income tax and both NICs)


Managing cashflow - give your customer as many options as you can


Some customers are easier than others. You will undoubtedly have one or two who respond to your invoices straight away and pay promptly. Then there are those who require chasing up on every single payment.


Depending on who is in charge or their style of business, your customer may have their own preferred method of payment. Being open to the way they do things and accepting any kind of payment will make things quicker and easier for everyone involved.


Cheques are old school and they can be a bit of a hassle. Waiting for a cheque to arrive in the post, taking it to the bank, then waiting for it to clear and for the money to actually appear in your account is a painfully slow way of doing business. And there is always a chance that it could bounce and double your waiting time.


But for a customer that deals solely in cheques with all its suppliers or one that is unhappy using that new “interweb thingy”, it is much easier to just accept the cheque rather than cause a disagreement when you want their business.


For customers willing to pay by direct bank transfer, be grateful. Many companies now are also happy to make payments by credit or debit card and by direct debit. These transfers are usually immediate and can be accessed right away. The fees sometimes incurred are getting lower all the time and often cost less than the handling fees with cheques and cash deposits.


Direct debit is ideal for customers you bill regularly. You simply agree a date with your client for the payment too be taken out, and make sure you include for every product or service provided on the bill and money transfer request.


Is the payment lead time in your industry much longer than most? Do you have to wait 60, 90 or even 120 days for payments?


There is also the option of invoice factoring. Put simply, you are paid up to 90% of the bill when you give the invoice to your customer, then receive the rest when they have settled up with the factorer.


However, you will only be paid on completed work so factorers won’t have the option of milestone payment jobs (unless it’s in construction) and each of your customers will be assigned a credit limit.


Managing cashflow - chase up your invoices


Getting your invoice out to the customer as quickly as possible is vital. Some clients are prone to paying late, so you don’t want to add to your own waiting time.


Have a set trigger point for your invoices. Will they be sent as soon as the order is placed or completed? Or will there be multiple invoices throughout the project? Make sure your terms of payment are clear.


Try to make your payment terms work in your favour. Others may do 30-day invoices, but if 14 days eases your cash flow problems, then see if the customer will agree. Some won’t, but if it’s always worth asking.


Managing cashflow - talk to your customers


One of the most effective ways of solving your cash flow issues is by speeding up payments. You may try to encourage a customer to pay before the end of their invoicing period, ask for payment upfront, or offer incentives like a discount for early payments.


You could also discuss multiple-stage payments with your customer for large orders and long-term projects to help cover costs. Your customer may be experiencing cash flow problems of their own and appreciate being offered different payment options.


Managing cashflow - talk to Panthera


Want our help with cash flow? Please call Panthera on 01235 768 561 or email the team at

What our clients say

For us, there is nothing better than a happy customer. Here are just a few that let us know how much we mean to them.

Pete Dungey

Simple, efficient and most importantly, hassle-free.

We found Panthera via our search for a Xero expert. We knew the software we wanted to use, and needed a forward-thinking accountancy partner who could get us up and running, and teach us the ropes moving forward. Tory and her team have always been on hand to answer our questions, and help us to grow as a business, particularly during periods of big change, such as becoming VAT registered. They are always on hand to alleviate any concerns and help to keep our records in order, which makes our year-end accounts an absolute breeze! Being based in Bristol, our relationship is entirely email based, alongside one consolidation meeting at year end - this keeps things simple, efficient and most importantly, hassle-free.

Pete Dungey Kaleido Grafik Limited
Anita van Eijndhoven

Talk Our Language

The support and service we receive from Panthera Accounting is very good. Everything from regular meetings, a prompt e mail response and the transition of our Xero software (which we find very pro active indeed) has and is all remarkably efficient. We find Panthera talk our language and make any process as painless and easy as possible.

Anita van Eijndhoven Quidne-IT
Ash & Tim Lane

Panthera brush aside the stereotype of the typical accountant

We got in touch with Panthera Accounting by way of a recommendation; we haven't looked anywhere else since. They are an extremely professional yet relaxed group of people. We were slightly daunted by the idea of accountants but Panthera brushed aside y the stereotypes. They are very understanding when answering any questions we may have. They are completely efficient, offer sound business advice, and are fantastically priced. We will continue to recommend them.

Ash & Tim Lane Starveacre Fencing
Jayne Johnson

An Asset to my Business!

The whole team at Panthera are great! Working with them has been a huge support to my growing business. They help me to understand the numbers I need to know. They give me technology solutions like Xero so that I can process things quickly and have access to my own figures. They are quick to reply, highly knowledgeable, nothing is too much trouble and as well as making sure that everything is compliant and on time, they are enthusiastic, professional and fun to work with.

Jayne Johnson Better People
John Baker

Absolute joy - they provide a first class service on every level

Working with Tory and the team at Panthera is an absolute joy - they provide a first class service on every level; from simple Xero issues through to more complicated tax enquiries, they’re always on-hand to help me get it right. I’m certainly not their biggest customer, but I’m always made to feel like their most important one.

John Baker BKR Solutions
John Castle

Professional and Friendly

I would like to say that Panthera Accounting have helped me with my business accounts for more than 4 years now. They have consistently offered an excellent competitively priced service that works both professionally and in such a friendly way that I would highly recommend them to everyone considering using their services.

John Castle Ilexanna Limited & Birch Castle Homes Limited
Jonathan Morrison

They are always there to answer queries and sort out issues

I had been with Mr Dunn for 20 years when upon his death Panthera took over the business. They now play a bigger part in the running of my business, they do all the stuff that has to be done but I don't like doing ie book keeping, VAT, wages, and returns. They are always there to answer queries and sort out issues and make sure all Tax deadlines are met. Their costs are fair, service is great and I have and would highly recommend them.

Jonathan Morrison Wallingford Builders
Pippa Scott

Professional, friendly and personal service.

Panthera Accounting have gone above and beyond the call of duty to guide and support our Company. They offer a professional, friendly and personal service that can take the stressful and sometimes frightening feelings out of running a business. They have guided us through the working of Xero and have offered “teaching sessions” on the day to day running of the accountancy package. Our only regret is that we didn’t join their team earlier.

Pippa Scott Scott's Commercial Services Limited
Sara Southey

Panthera puts the personal back in to accountancy!

Tory and her team have provided a friendly, approachable and helpful service from the start. They have delivered a quality service, above and beyond anything I could have expected. Panthera, with the help of the Xero package, have taken the stress, strain and confusion out of managing my company and personal accounts. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Sara Southey Bluestones Garden Design
Tracey Miller

Panthera are fantastic.

Panthera are fantastic. Always professional, going the extra mile for their clients and delivering superb service. I recommend them all the time to my clients.

Tracey Miller Bigger, Brighter, Bolder BBB

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